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Ceiling Cracks – How to Deal With Them Properly

For our Chichester clients in older properties, ceiling cracks could occur at any time. Our builders at PRK Building Services Ltd come across them a lot when conducting home renovations or property refurbishments. Some are cosmetic, occurring not long after newly applied plaster has dried. You might see this happening in property extensions or new home constructs. If so, our builders can rectify the issue quickly.

But not all ceiling cracks are minor or resulting from chipped plaster. Some incidents will need more in-depth works in order to avoid major property repairs in the future.

If you come across a crack in your ceiling, measure it immediately. Can you fit your fingernail into it? Any crack wider than 3mm may need addressing by our builders. Also note the location of the crack as you may have a minor issue rather than a structural problem.

Potential Causes

The following list identifies the more common cracks you might find. If you’re concerned, call our new home builders and property refurbishments experts at PRK Building Services immediately. We provide professional advice and a wide range of construction services, including property extensions and home renovations, for clients in Chichester and the surrounding areas.

Discoloured Cracks
If the plaster around the crack has darkened to a yellow or brown colour, this may indicate a leak in your home. There is no point fixing the crack unless you have identified the source of the leak and dealt with it accordingly. It may be as simple as a loose tile in the shower or a poorly connected pipe.

Spreading Cracks
Some fissures may continue down the walls or around door and window frames. This may be a sign of settling cracks, something that happens in properties over time. Hairline cracks can be smoothed over and concealed easily behind fillers and paint but, if the cracks seem significant in size, please seek professional advice.

Spiderweb Cracks
If plaster has been applied too thickly it’ll crack as it hardens. Rub the area with a fine sandpaper to remove any remaining compound and reapply a thin coat of filler. If you’re not confident about doing this, please call us at PRK Building Services; our builders will be happy to help.

Bowing Ceiling
Larger cracks occurring in a misshapen ceiling could indicate too much weight is resting on the floor above and damaging the overall structure. Have you installed something new recently? It might be too big for the area you’ve placed it in, so you’ll have to consider moving it or reinforcing its support.

For any concerns about cracks appearing in your property, please contact us at PRK Building Services. Our new home builders and home renovation experts are on hand to offer immediate advice and arrange to visit your home in Chichester or the surrounding areas. We also construct property extensions and carry out a range of refurbishments.

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