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Keeping Those Unsightly Wires and Leads Hidden Away

PRK Building Services Ltd is a company of highly qualified and skilled new home builders and experienced tradesmen. Serving Havant and the surrounding areas, we construct property extensions and carry out home renovations and property refurbishments for our domestic clients. Crafting bespoke carpentry items is also one of our leading and renowned services, and the range of kitchen units, bedroom and home office furniture we design and create to our clients’ specifications is outstanding. We can also construct media centres to house a variety of entertainment systems, and that presents us with the opportunity to discuss an issue the majority of us have to deal with - cables, wires and leads.

All electrical equipment around the home, chargers and laptops require a variety of cables and wires to keep them running, and that leaves a mess of plugs and extension leads on display.

Wireless Displays

PRK Building Services has come up with a few ideas to help conceal the majority of cables and wires around your home.

Plan in Advance
When carrying out our range of home renovations and property refurbishments, we can chase out walls to house a selection of cables and wires. This can also be done by our new home builders when constructing new builds or property extensions.

Hide Them in Plain Sight
For wires running from your attic to the TV – or along skirting boards from the other side of the room in question - feed them through a conduit that can be painted the same colour as the walls or skirting at your Havant property.

Keep It Simple
If the item in question has a stand you can wrap the cable in – like a kettle, for instance – carefully store the cord within the base leaving just enough to reach the plug without being overstretched.

Use Accessories
Many modern desks have cable tidies built in, something we can incorporate into our bespoke carpentry, if required. If this isn’t an option, run the cables along the back of the desk and down a leg, concealing them with adhesive clips.

We also suggest cable organisers which are now available in a range of designs – single Velcro strips, larger conduit-style tubing, and storage boxes that hold entire extension leads. These boxes also come in a range of ornamental designs, such as false book covers, so your cables are completely hidden and the system blends in with your décor.

With our exceptional space creation ideas, there’s a range of services we can provide for potential clients in Havant and the surrounding areas. PRK Building Services conducts property refurbishments, home renovation services and creates eye-catching property extensions. And for a completely new property, talk to our new home builders for advice on design, planning permission and construction ideas.

To talk to us about our range of property refurbishments in Havant and the surrounding areas, please call 07880 327574.